The Coldest Game

The first English-language original production by Watchout Studio.
International cast, Polish production.

Year 1962 – The Cuban Missile Crisis. The World on the brink of nuclear crisis.  Warsaw, Poland hosts a duel between US and USSR chess champions. Sudden collapse of the American player forces USA to find a substitute. The choice falls on a forgotten mathematical genius, now an alcoholic. It turns out that the tournament is not the most important game that will take place.
Bill Pullman in the main role, known for films such as Independence Day and the Lost Highway.

In theaters 2019.

Bill Pullman
Lotte Verbeek
Nicholas Farrell
Corey Johnson
James Bloor
Aleksey Serebryakov
Robert Wieckiewicz
Magdalena Boczarska

Director – Łukasz Kośmicki
DOP – Paweł Edelman
Production Designer – Allan Starski
Screenplay – Łukasz Kośmicki, Marcel Sawicki
Producer – Piotr Wozniak Starak, Krzysztof Terej, Daniel Baum
Executive Producer – Justyna Pawlak, Oliver Simon
Costumes – Ewa Gronowska
Make-up – Agnieszka Hodowana, Ewa Drobiec

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