39 and a half weeks (39 i pół tygodnia) is 4 season of the TVN’s successful original TV series 39 and a half ( 39 i pół), continued after 10 years. A strong dose of emotions, humour, popular music, and unforgettable Tomasz Karolak in the leading role, are the hallmarks of 39 and half series. This time, the leader of the punk band “Dirty Track” Darek Jankowski is at the crossroads of his life. He is fighting the fatal disease and has only 39 and a half weeks left. Just this little time for all his plans, dreams, family and love. When your life is a never-ending party, the death sentence is hard to accept. Not ready to grow up, the stubborn eternal boy decides to make the most of the time he has left. How will Darek, who has never taken anything seriously, face a brutal diagnosis? What will he manage to fix, catch up, spoil and will time allow him to do so? Is he finally going to settle down and will his relatives help him on the final road? One thing is guaranteed, Darek Jankowski will stay himself till the very end. If he is gonna die, it has to be his way!

Cast: Tomasz Karolak, Daria Widawska , Alan Andersz, Magdalena Lamparska, Monika Krzywkowska, Sandra Drzymalska, Łukasz Konopka, Marina Łuczenko-Szczęsna, Maja Seklecka.

Directors: Aleksander Pietrzak, Maciej Migas
Producers: Justyna Pawlak, Maciej Wójcik (TVN)
Writers: Hanna Węsierska, Karolina Szymczyk-Majchrzak,
Przemysław Jurek, Bartosz Kozera
Director of Photography: Paweł Flis
Production Design: Agata Stróżyńska
Production Manager: Jakub Razowski, Dagmara Bagnecka
Costume Designer: Robert Adamczyk
Make-Up Artist: Aleksandra Dudkiewicz
Editor: Jarosław Barzan
Sound: Monika Krzanowska, Mariusz Wysocki, Maciej Pawłowski
Music: Łukasz Targosz

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